How to Make Scones

How to Make Scones, Kiwi and Hope

How to Make Scones Last year I had this itch to make raspberry white chocolate scones. It might have been the fact that raspberries were being harvested everywhere I looked. Or it might have been the fact that there is this local coffee shop that makes some super yummy raspberry white chocolate scones. I decided I […]

All About the Heart

Kiwi and Hope, Have a Heart

  If your browsing through my shop you’ll probably notice that many of my make-up bags and zippered pouches have a heart on them. One day I was playing around and just spending some time creating. During my creating session I decided add a felt heart and I ended ip loving it. I shared a […]

Believing That I Am Enough Part 2

I Am Enough, Kiwi and Hope

In my last post I talked about being enough the exact way I am. I think the challenge with fully believing that is that I can always play the “if only I was a little more____” game. The problem with playing that game is that God doesn’t play that games. He plays the “you are […]

Believing That I Am Enough Part 1

I Am Enough, Kiwi and Hope

One of the hardest things for me is believing that I am enough just the way I am. I’ve always felt like a 3ed wheel, that people are being just nice enough to me so that I don’t get my feeling hurt too much, or that I’m an inconvenience. If people liked me more then […]

Happy 4th Anniversary


  Happy 4th anniversary Mike. I know I’m a day early, but I wanted to share 4 things i’ve learned in honor of our 4th year of marriage. 1- It’s ok to suck at being a wife. Nobody’s perfect. When I got married I  felt like being a good wife meant having a perfectly clean house […]

God’s Gifts

Kiwi and Hope, Graduation

Did I mention that I was a middle school small group leader for 2 years? It was 2 of the most challenging, growing, and rewarding years of my life. For a really long time I looked back at my small group leading time with disappointment. I felt like I was the hugest small group leader […]