Embracing You

Kiwi and Hope, Embracing You

I am not a crowd person. I would much rather read a book, sew, or catch-up on a tv show over going out and hanging out with friends. Just the thought of going to a party makes me super nervous. Yes, I have friends I hang out with, but going out with a group of […]

What It Means To Be Adopted By God

What It Means To Be Adopted By God Fitting in and feeling at home aren’t exactly some of strong abilities. I am all kinds of awkward and would much rather read a book then go to a party. For most of my life I have been desperate just to fit in and just to feel […]

Physical Health

Have you every noticed that when you don’t feel your best physically life is really hard to live life well? Being physically healthy is when you have an understanding of how and what your body needs to run well. Currently, I am still working on figuring this out. For the last few months I have […]

Spiritual Health

I love Jesus and being in a relationship with Jesus takes work. But the work is worth it. I have somebody I can turn to when I make stupid mistakes, when I forget things, and somebody to turn to throughout the day. Being spiritually healthy is a really important component to self care. I can […]

What is self care?

Kiwi and Hope, Self Care

A few weeks ago I realized I wasn’t really taking the greatest care of myself. I would sit at home and do nothing. I was sluggish, slept a lot, and was sort of a pain in the you know what. Overall, I just felt really blah. And I wasn’t being the best wife. I knew […]

Announcing: Instagram Book Club

Instagram Book Study, Let's All Be Brave, Kiwi and Hope

For the longest time I have been in this weird place in my relationship with Jesus. I don’t know how to really describe it, but it hasn’t been comfortable. I knew things needed to change but I wasn’t entirely sure what needed to change. And then one of my really good friends (Joanna) suggested we […]