A Round-Up of Advice


Instead of the normal Women Making Their Mark interview I decided I wanted to share my favorite pieces of advice from each interview. Honestly, I feel like the advice these ladies give can be applied to all aspects of life and not just running a business. I hope that their advice motivates you on this […]

Minted- A Review

Minted Art Marketplace

Do you have a friends that does a really good job a decorating their house and can make a room look like it belongs in a magazine? I know I do. And then there’s me. I can’t decorate at all. I can be all kinds of creative with fabric, but decorating my house is a […]

Happy Mother’s Day to My Birth Mom

Note: The circumstances around my adoption have always been on the foggy side. Nobody really knows the exact details. I don’t know if my mom was a single mom or if my birth dad was ever in the picture. And I don’t know who my birth parents are.   Dear Mom, I don’t really want […]

What is Orphan Care?

What is Orphan Care, Kiwi and Hope

Remember last week’s post about what and orphan is? If not, then click here to read it. If you don’t feel like reading the whole blog post (I completely understand) remember the dictionary.com definition of an orphan, “a child who has lost both parents through death, or, less commonly, one parent.” Ok, now that you have […]

What is an orphan?

Kiwi and Hope, What is an orphan

I was doing some blog/ business planning the other day and I realized that I talk about being all for orphan prevention, orphan care, and adoption, but I haven’t talked about any of those subjects in a very long time. I want you to learn about orphan prevention, orphan care, and adoption and be able […]